What Wings Once Held!

Some nights are just made for sitting online and discovering new bands. Tonight’s find comes in the form of a five piece post hardcore/metalcore band from Washington, USA. The band is at this point unsigned but has released some awesome tracks that can be found on their Facebook page here <– give them a like too!

I have a theory about the required clean/screamo vocal ratio needed for a good post hardcore song and their new release ‘Growth/perspective’ is within an acceptable range (someday i will create a graph, watch this space). All around i’m pretty impressed and am hoping an Australian tour is in the future, maybe even with Like Vultures.

Another reason i’m glad i found this band is that they posted a song from a great new band called Stay True which I will post shortly.

what wings once held

For fans of: We came as romans, Memphis May Fire, Northlane


Warped Tour Australia 2013


…. and I couldn’t be more excited.

I have decided to attend the tour in Coffs Harbour and drive up with my Best Friend and camp out. I have seen The Used and The Offspring before but am still excited to see them again as well as Simple Plan, Amity Affliction, New Found Glory and more.

So tell me, who are you most excited to see at Warped Tour this year in Australia


All the gigs- All the feels

Sorry I haven’t posted in a few months, i’ve been swamped with work and university and whole lot of gigs!

Below are the best of those I have seen and a little look at what is coming up.


I’m sure we can all agree this gig was out of control! I went with a mate and it was his first time in a moshpit, I don’t believe in starting people off easy and he managed to make it out ok. I came close to dying on more than one occasion but it wouldn’t be a Bring Me The Horizon concert if i hadn’t.

I was also really impressed with their opening acts- Crossfaith and Of Mice and Men. I had heard most songs by Of Mice and Men but I wasn’t truly in love until I saw them live. Of course I would be lying if I didn’t mention that Austin Carlile (Of Mice and Men) and Oli Sykes (Bring Me the Horizon) are very attractive men!

The video below is Of Mice and Men and the start of their song Depths. I took lots of photos but non were that great unfortunately.


Ok, so a bit of a change from the manic and borderline dangerous moshpit of Bring Me the Horizon but Fall Out Boy will always hold a special place on my iPod. Their concert in Sydney had everything you’d expect of Fall Out Boy- balaclavas, giant flags, guitar and drum solos, inspiration speeches by Pete Wentz. The video below is an example of one of the few chats that Pete had with the audience.

Pete Wentz Sydney 2013

Fall Out Boy mixed their well known hits with tracks from their new album Save Rock and Roll and did a solo set on a stage in the middle of the crowd (check out the picture below).

Sydney, 2013

Sydney, 2013

Drop the Anchor

drop the anchor

Drop the anchor is a 4 piece band from Indiana that formed in 2011. The group describe their sound as “sexycore”- which is simply brilliant! They remind me of Mayday Parade but maybe with a more pop-punk feel. They have a number of songs on their facebook- HERE Also you should check them out on twitter  HERE They also appear to be big fans of Sleeping with Sirens which is always a plus! Kellin Quinn memes are on their way.

They have released an EP and have another one on the way to be released August. I always like a good pop cover and have posted a few over the last month, here is another great one.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that an Australia tour is on the horizon!

Everything Has Changed

I have spent most of my day listening to the Sempiternal album by Bring Me the Horizon (a masterpiece) but when I heard Taylor Swift had a new video I couldn’t resist checking it out. The video to ‘Everything has changed’ features Ed Sheeran and I am sure it is about to be a huge hit. I am a sucker for romantics and this video has it all. The perfect relationship and friendship shot using two young children. They even have fake iphones and tattoo guns! The two kids look identical to a young Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran and end up being their children. This is a perfect video for people who like to go “nawwwww”. Now back to BMTH for me.


“this lines all that matters, make it your facebook status- POP PUNK ISN’T DEAD”

I don’t often write blogs at 12:30 am …

… but when i do, it’s because i’ve found something AMAZING!

A band from Sydney, Australia called ‘Summer’s Mixtape’. They have a really great pop punk sound and covered “I just can’t wait to be king”. Deep down I am an 8 year old, disney loving fangirl and this band started on a great note. So check them out if you’re an ATL or Kiss Me! fan and I promise you will not be disappointed.

Here is there facebook- Summer’s Mixtape Facebook

And of course I have included a track for you to hear as well!

The most haunting youtube video i’ve ever seen

It has been months since My Chemical Romance announced to the world that their last tour was truly the last of all the rides they’d take. I must admit I still find myself struggling to come to terms with the fact that we will never again hear a new song by this most incredible band. Their music has seen me through so much and will continue to, so when I found this youtube video while at work it hit me hard. Have a listen and stay strong MCRmy!